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    Help needed with LOD expression (FIXED clause)

    Jatin Kakani

      Hi guys,


      I have an expression for yield calculation as yield = completed/completed+scrapped.

      Now I have different views for showing the yield like for example, yield by product.

      What I want is for every product, just the numerator i.e. number of completed lots should change however the denominator should remain constant i.e. total count of completed and scrapped lots for all the product groups.

      Normally if I fetch the product dimension to the pane and do the calculation, what happens is Tableau first filters out all the lots based on product and then performs the calculation.

      However, in my case the denominator needs to remain constant.


      I tried using below expression:




      SUM (

        ({FIXED [Product Id]:COUNTD([Completed])})


        ({FIXED [Product Id]:COUNTD([Terminated or Scrapped])})



      However, I am not getting the desired results.

      Please help me with the same.