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    Beginner Question: Filter Based on MAX(Sum(*Measure*))

    Chris Hogan

      I have a dashboard that shows total sales over time by salesperson ID.  I have a date in the column shelf and an aggregate (SUM of sales) in the rows shelf.  I have a date filter to limit the results to the previous X days. 


      I want to show only those salespeople who have at least one day in the date range with sum(sales) greater than a threshold parameter called "Sales Threshold." 


      Right now I have a filter that limits ID by MAX([sales])>=[Sales Threshold].  I believe this is limiting the result to members who have had one or more individual sales greater than the threshold parameter.  How do I:


           1. Limit the results to only IDs with a day's total sales surpassing the threshold

           2. Limit the threshold test to the date range of interest


      I have searched for other people asking the same question.  I think the solution involves LOD expressions and/or Window_Max but I have been unable to make either solutions work.


      Has anyone dealt with a similar issue?