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    If/Then on Blended Datasources

    Amanda Evans

      I'm sure there's an easy way around this but I'm not able to figure this one out. Basically, I'm trying to create a simple data table which shows KPIs by date but if the date is before 9/13/13 it needs to pull a metric from the secondary datasource and if the date is after 9/13/13 it needs to pull a metric from the primary datasource. I've tried every combination of if/thens but can't seem to figure it out. Help?


      I'm unable to share the actual data so I've mocked up the issue using the superstore datasets. See attached - in this example if its before 9/13 my "Conversion Data" column should pull sales from the training datasource but if its after 9/13 it needs to pull from the superstore datasore. I have gotten the week over week table to work but if I change to month by month or day by day it breaks.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Simon Runc

          hi Amanda,


          Just looking through some unanswered questions and came across this one.


          So one way that might work is as follows....


          I've set up a parameter to control the before and after date (just helped me test it!)


          So in the Primary Data Source I set up this calculation...


          [Sales Before Order Date]

          IIF([Order Date]<[Get Data From Primary Before...],[Sales],0)


          and then in the secondary this one..


          [Discount After Order Date]

          IIF([Order Date]>=[Get Data From Primary Before...],[Discount],0)


          btw I've deliberately used discount so it's apparent when the data switches (being on such a different scale)


          Then back in the primary I create this calculation, which basically add these two together

          [Sales to Show (Discount After Date)]

          zn(SUM([Sales Before Order Date]))


          zn(SUM([CL Training Data Source].[Discount After Order Date]))


          ensuring that the blend field of Order Date is checked.


          Hope that makes sense, and does the trick, but let me know if not.

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            Amanda Evans

            Genius - thank you so much. Never would have figured that one out but it worked like a charm!