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    Default workbook sort order in Project

    Firoz Pathan

      We noted that the default workbook sort order in Project has changed from Tableau server 9.3.3 to Tableau server 10.0.1


      In 9.3.3, the workbook were listed (by default) sorted alphabetical. Hence we had intentionally named the workbooks so that its easier to browse for our customers.


      But in 10.0.1, we see the workbooks inside a project are listed as per numbers of views AND not alphabetically.

      Is there configuration setting in Tableau server where we can specific the default sort order for workbooks inside a project.




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          Toby Erkson

          I agree!  Having the sort order by views is NOT what I want as an administrator when I have to find an object that is not behaving.  I want alphabetical order back as well.

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            Jeff Strauss

            Totally.  It should at least be customizable so that whatever the user chooses, it sticks...


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              Sagar Pardeshi

              We are also looking for Workbook Custom sorting option for a specific project folder.


              Right now, we need do a special release every sprint just to keep required workbooks on top


              Please keep us updated on this.



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                Meghal Patel

                Hi Firoz,

                Unfortunately, there is no way to configure this currently. We are looking into the following:

                - Admin configuration for default sort

                - Remembering user's last sort value when they come back.


                Currently I don't know when this will be enabled, we will keep you guys updated when we have this shipping out.




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                  Meghal Patel

                  Hi Sagar,


                  Apologies for the inconvenience. Could you please expand a bit on what you mean by "we need do a special release every sprint just to keep required workbooks on top"?




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                    Jose Suárez



                    you can set again the order name inside the project folder. You need modify the javascript file vizportal.js (this file are in the tableau server in the folder C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\{version}\vizportalclient\public\), there you have the definition of the default order for the differents objects, if you find this code


                    exports.WorkbookContentType = {

                        name: 'workbook',

                        filterKeys: [











                        canShowFilterPanel: true,

                        orderKeys: [
















                        extraQueryParams: {

                            statFields: [









                        defaultOrder: [Order_1.Order.desc(OrderKeys_1.OrderKeys.hitsTotal), Order_1.Order.asc(OrderKeys_1.OrderKeys.name)]



                    And change the "defaultOrder" line and put this defaultOrder: [Order_1.Order.asc(OrderKeys_1.OrderKeys.name), Order_1.Order.desc(OrderKeys_1.OrderKeys.hitsTotal)]


                    With this change now the default order are by name ascending. Remember you need to generate the vizportal.js.gz, vizportal.min.js and vizportal.min.js.gz and restart tableau server when you overwritte this files. I recommend delete the navigator local cache to get the new js file, and of course make a backup of the original files.



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                      Toby Erkson

                      Great work José   Thank you!

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                        Egor Larin

                        Does it break the EULA?

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                          Karthik Venkatachalam

                          I have made the changes to the file. Could you please tell us how to generate vizportal.js.gz, vizportal.min.js and vizportal.min.js.gz?

                          I could not find the navigator local cache. If you could please give the location, that would be helpful. Just deleting and restarting the server would do it then right?


                          Thanks a tonne!

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                            Karthik Venkatachalam


                            I changed the file and restarted server, it hasn't changed yet. Could you please tell the location to this Navigator local Cache file?


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                              Karthik Venkatachalam

                              Dear Future Travelers,

                              If you wonder how to get the changes pushed. Here is how to do it. I changed both the Javascript files; Installed 7-Zip, and regenerated the GZ files (same names) and restart the server. Clear browser cache and you should see it.

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                                john liptak

                                I have to say, this is absolute MADNESS and a complete and utter waste of peoples time.  Are we seriously resorting to modifying javascript to fix this?.  First of all, the default sort order should be alphabetical. Second, any change should have been made through a configurable setting as has already been noted above, NOT not hard wired into code. This is coding 101 and should be fixed in the next release.


                                We version our workbooks here and users are constantly complaining that reports are wrong only to realize later they are are looking at an old version of the workbook.  Think about it, a user has spent possibly hours trying to reconcile a report, a developer then does the same.  Only for someone to later realize they are looking at the wrong workbook.  This happens time and time again!  Complete stupidity on the part of Tableau here.

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