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    Edit Window

    Tracey Kuthol

      Is it possible to open edit report inside div or iframe?

      I would like to extract data after some changes in the Report.  any guidance will be helpful.

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          Hey Tracy,


          I believe it depends on how the viz is embedded and the embed code. In general, no I don't believe you'll be able to access web edit within an iframe because they embedded viz is likely framed to just show the viz itself or to have web editing turned off. However, in theory, you could probably have the entire page embedded instead of just the viz, which would show the web edit option but probably be a diminished user experience.



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            Tracey Kuthol

            i can able to open edit window inside div.  but i cant able to export to pdf or etc like javascript api.



            is it possible to find object created by iframe?



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              Michael Kovner

              Hi Tracey,


              You're right: You can embed web authoring via iframe, but as both pointed out, there's no way to have access to what's going on in that frame via JSAPI.


              It would be interesting to hear the use case as we consider enabling web authoring in more scenarios. Can you email me at mkovner@tableau.com?

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                Tracey Kuthol

                We want extract data and add some additional information from the edit filter.  send those information to another application.  i will cleansing data before giving use case.