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    Exclude all values - Action

    Plabita Baruah



      Due to performance issues , we are not displaying a worksheet of a dashboard when it loads . When a Filter from Sheet A is selected then the sheet D is displayed and on clearing the filters the sheet should be  blank again. Sheet A,B and C has filters to the target sheet D and same logic should be followed.




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          Plabita Baruah

          Any help will be appreciated.




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            Jennifer Zelmanski

            I think I understand what you mean, and if so, I have the same need. I have two worksheets on a dashboard which I want to be able to use to filter and display data on a 3rd worksheet, but I only want to see that 3rd worksheet when a selection is made in EITHER of the other two worksheets.  Until then, and when any selections are cleared, I want the 3rd worksheet hidden, so I use the "Exclude All" in the Action filters on the first 2 worksheets. However, this just means that a single selection in either of the first 2 worksheets displays no data in the 3rd one.  I need an "OR" of the two actions which end up on the Filter shelf of the 3rd worksheet, if that makes sense.  If EITHER a selection is made in worksheet 1 OR a selection is made in worksheet 2, THEN that action filter should pass through and display the data on worksheet 3.  As it is, only the data which makes it through filter actions on both worksheets 1 and 2 will ever be displayed in worksheet 3. 


            Is the only way to make this work, to duplicate worksheet 3, and have one worksheet action affect one copy, excluding all, and the other worksheet action affect the other copy?