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    How can I link background jobs to the data source/workbook being refreshed (join background_jobs to workbooks)

    Charles Ayotte-Trépanier



      I would like to notify the Tableau Server users when their extracts are failing over x% of the time. In order to do so, I need to establish the following relation: Workbook (or data source) owner -> workbook -> refreshes of made for this workbook.


      I can find the workbooks in the workbooks table, I can find refreshes and whether they succeeded or fail in the background_jobs table. However, I do no see how I can join these 2 tables together.


      background_jobs has the field 'title' which does give the name of the workbook (or data source) being refreshed. The problem is that I find different workbooks under different project, with the same exact name.


      Is there a better way to join background_jobs to workbooks then using the field 'title' ?