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    Dynamic Minimum Filter

    Dawit Gelan

      I would like to filter my view based on a dynamic minimum filter. In the example workbook attached I have three items ( a, b and c) that have a running total of amount for each day on their record. What I would like to do is set up a dynamic filter based on the item with the lowest number of day (in this case item c) and limit this view to only that date. This will make my current visualization stop at day 12 since that is the latest minimum date.


      The plan is that when item C gets an additional record in the future, say for day 15 the filter recalculates the minimum day filter to 15 and we can see a running total of both a, b and c up to day 15.




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          Benjamin Greene

          Hi Dawit. I was able to accomplish this using one calculated field (I called it "Filter") with a nested LOD expression. I then dragged it to Filters and only selected the "YES" values:


          IF [Day]>{FIXED : MIN({FIXED [item] : MAX([Day])})}

          THEN "NO"

          ELSE "YES"



          This will calculate the maximum day within each item, then take the minimum value from those three maximums, and compare that to the Day value. If the Day is larger than the minimum of the maximums, it is filtered out. Let me know if this is what you are looking for.

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            Dawit Gelan

            Thank you Benjamin. That did the trick!