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    Aggregating LODs?

    duane kuru



      I work for a Car Rental Company and I am calculating and comparing various KPI results for 2016 v 2017.

      Most of the KPI's are straight forward to aggregate and compare but AVG FLEET requires the use of LOD expressions.


      I use {Fixed [Owning Location Code], [Location Code], [Vehicle Group], month([MB Date]) :Avg([Avg Fleet])} to get the Avg.Fleet for one year

      and an identical LOD expression to get the Avg.Fleet for the other year.


      I am trying to work out how to show the difference (var) between each as a percentage? And then visualize as below:



      I cant figure out how to do this because I can't use the LOD results in a Var calculation - I get the error - Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation?


      Could anyone please advise how to use the LOD results in a further calculation (i.e subtract one from the other) that obeys the aggregation rules?

      Or suggest perhaps another way of doing this.


      Many thanks in advance.



      PS. EPU is dependent on AVG Fleet so cant calculate that either.