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    Unknown Dates (Null)

    Kevin Kitts

      I have a data set that has records with start dates and end dates (the represent a person moving through time to various locations). A start date of NULL means we don't know when operation at that location started. An End date of NULL means that the person is likely still at that location (or at least they were at that location the last time we checked).


      Has anyone come up with a clever way to show location changes over time? I was thinking about creating some constant "Beginning of all time" to assign to NULL start dates and "End of all time" to assign to NULL end dates. I'd like to be able to do DATEDIFF to see the number of days at various locations; but unless I update the data to assign some kind of value to the start and end dates that will be hard to do.


      Anyone work on similar problem?


      Thanks in advance to any tips.