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    Can I create collapsing containers using web object in a URL action?

    Scott Buckley

      I discovered this brilliant post by Robert Rouse and would love to apply it to improve a viz I recently published on Tableau Public. 



      My viz contains a main dashboard with a URL action to a web page object.  I would like for the web page object to be hidden until a selection is made on either the map or song list.  At that point, I'd like to shrink the map and song list and unhide the web page object based on the URL action.  This seems a bit different from what Robert demonstrates in his article in that he uses a filter action with sources and targets.  URL actions only have sources.  The target is the single web object in your dashboard.  If anyone has ideas of how to accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate hearing.


      Or, If anyone can forward this to Robert, I would greatly appreciate. Robert Rouse Joe Oppelt


      My viz can be viewed and downloaded from:




      -Scott Buckley


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          Joe Oppelt

          I don't have the time to dig into Robert's example to see what he's doing in there.

          But attached is something I was playing with some time back.  It's a 9.0 workbook.  See Dashboard4.  I pop stuff out based on the specific value that you click on.  Your URL object can get popped out in the same way.

          And Dashboards 2 and 5 pop stuff out based on what sheet you click on in the dashboard.  Your URL object can get popped out in the same way.


          In any of those dashboards, you click on something, and it exposes something else.  Re-click the mark, and the exposed object goes away.  (You could also un-expose the object by clicking on something that gets exposed with the URL object.  Essentially, you would pop out a whole container of stuff that has the URL object and the "go away" sheet to clear the pop-out.)

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            Robert Rouse

            Just to add to what Joe Oppelt explained, you can have two separate actions fire on one click. Make your show/hide action, then add your URL action using the same source sheet.

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              Scott Buckley

              Robert Rouse & Joe Oppelt


              Thank you both for taking the time to respond.


              The Layout Containers article by Dustin Wyers was very helpful and I was able to replicate his example but am getting stuck when trying to add a blank show/hide sheet and web object into the container.


              I want to keep working at this and think I may need to do more reading on how to set up my container and actions to accommodate a blank sheet and web object so that the web object shrinks (I.e., is hidden) when nothing is selected.


              Thanks again!


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                Joe Oppelt

                Is that a question, or are you just making note that you're still on this and trying stuff out?


                If you're looking for ideas, I modified the workbook I previously uploaded to show some stuff.  See attached.


                In Dashboard4 I moved the container for value = 2 into the field of vision for the dashboard.  I also added a floating web object that points to google.  I also shaded the container so that you can see it better.  And I re-sized the pop-out sheet to make a bigger "push" when it expands.  (Because the web object is going to be bigger than the little text box.)


                So now if you hit 2 (and uncheck 2) you'll see the text box move up and down.  (Previously the container was positioned so that half of it was in a negative y-axis location so that when it collapsed, the text box disappeared off the dashboard boundaries.


                Dashboard6 is a copy of 4.  I deleted the text box out of the container and shift-dragged the web object into it.  Now you can see the web object move up and down  when you select/de-select value = 2.


                Dashboard7 is a copy of 6.  I re-positioned the container back to a negative y-axis value.  Now when the pop-out sheet expands, it pushes the web object into view.


                Now look at Dashboard 8.  All new stuff.  I have a basic sheet (Sheet 9).  I created a new pop-out sheet (sheet 8), and I shared the CONTINENT filter to both sheets.  If you select no continents, you'll see Sheet 8 collapse.  (It's shaded so you can see it.)  I also have a text box on the dashboard.  (It's meaningless on this dashboard.)  go to Dashboard9.


                Here I created a floating container.  I shift-dragged Sheet 8 into it, and I shift-dragged the text box into it, below Sheet8.  I positioned the container so that the text box is outside the boundaries of the dashboard.  When you select no continents, the pop-out collapses, and the text box moves up into the boundaries of the dashboard.  In DESKTOP you can see the textbox outside the boundaries when a continent is selected, but when this is published, the user will not see it.

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                  Scott Buckley



                  Thanks very much for this.  At first glance, I think that a combination of what you are doing in Dashboard6 and Dashboard7 is what I am trying to accomplish.  That is, shrinking my map (source sheet) based on a selection and expanding the web object into view.  Then hiding the web object again at the time of de-selection.


                  I'm planning to spend some time with this over the next couple of evenings to see if I can get it to work with my viz.


                  The stuff you are doing with containers and actions is really creative.  Thank you for sharing!



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                    Scott Buckley

                    Hello Joe,


                    After spending quite a bit of time on this, I'm still not able to get this viz (attached) where I want it so thought I'd reach out again.


                    My goal is to have the map take up the entire dashboard until a city on the map or song from the song list is selected.  Upon selection, I want to "pop" the web object into view and shrink the map.  Upon de-selection, I want the dashboard to reset to original look (hiding the web object).


                    In working through your examples, seems I'm having the most trouble with getting the correct position and size of individual objects within a floating vertical container.  Dashboard 7 from your workbook seems to come closest to what I am trying to accomplish.  However, I'm thinking I need two actions.  The first would be a filter action to "pop" the web object and the second would be a URL action as is currently present and working fine.  I'm struggling setting up the filter action.


                    I would really appreciate any help you can provide as I'm determined to make these modifications but am currently struggling.




                    Joe Oppelt

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      Scott -- What version of Tableau arte you on?  I want to look at it in the same version you are using.


                      I'm not going to be able to get to this today.  I'll look at it later this week.  You picked a tough week to ask this. 


                      If you haven't heard from me by Friday, ping back because I likely forgot to get back to this.

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                        Joe Oppelt

                        (V10.0 workbook)


                        Some things still needing to be worked out.  With "Automatic" sizing of the dashboard, positioning things off-screen (as I did here) causes things to get re-positioned depending on the size of the screen the dashboard is getting displayed on.  You'll want to use a fixed size for the dashboard.


                        (Well, maybe not.  Tableau has a feature in 10.0 that lets you size things specifically for a given device, so maybe we could play with that.  I haven't tried it out yet.  But it's supposed to be pretty cool.  You design a dashboard, click the "device preview button", mess with the shapes and sizes and save.  When the dashboard is displayed on that same device, tableau will render it as you saved it for that device.  And you can save multiple renderings that way and tableau will pick the right one.)


                        What I did here:


                        I added a simple data source.  (See excel attached to this reply.)  The "Return to map" and "pop-out object" sheets are built on that data source.


                        Essentially I want to mess with the value that gets passed to "pop out object".  If it is 3, the sheet displays, and it pushes out the web page object in the horizontal container.  If the value passed is something else, no data is generated for "pop out object", and the sheet shrinks to nothing in the container, and the web object shifts to the left, off the perimeter of the dashboard.


                        I have to have a measure mark on the sheets you will click to make the web object pop out.  ("Map" and "Song List".)  Map already has that, but I modified SongList to have a little arrow to click.  Click on a mark and the "pop out" sheet populates (because the value 3 is passed to it), and that pushes the web object into view.  Click the "return to map" sheet (which will pass value = 1) and that causes the pop out sheet to disappear, which hides the web object.  Click successive arrows on the song list, and the web value changes to that song.

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                          Scott Buckley



                          Thank you for finding time to look at this.  I saw your e-mail this morning asking what version I am using but didn't have access to the viz at work.


                          I want to spend some time studying what you have done so far but have been working since 6am so need to do it with fresh eyes tomorrow.


                          I can't thank you enough for your help!  I think using negative position values to "hide" containers is one of the coolest things I have seen to stretch the boundaries (so to speak) of Tableau.