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    How to calculate Subtotals and Grand total by average since values are % values (not by using Analysis=>Totals)

    Kalyan Chakravarthi Gutta

      Hi I have a scenario as below.


      I have a Dimension named "Region" where i have 10 regions which starts with letter "R" and 4 GSC's which are starting with "GSC". Please see the pic below for better understanding. No my requirement is i need to display Totals.


      For Regions it should be "Total Regions" this should be displayed right after Regions

      For GSC's it should be "Total GSC's" this should be displayed right after GSC's (last but one row)

      Grand total should be displayed as : "Total Region + GSC" this is displayed as a last row

      Please find below pic for the target view:


      I don't want to use built in method of tableau to calculate grand total, because with that i can not calculate total of Regions and total of GSCs and also i can not rename label names as per my requirement.


      Please help me as soon as possible.