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    How to use a formula to know if I choose all of one dimension?

    baron li

      I have two questions here --


      Question 1

      I have one dimension about region (A, B , C D)


      How can I build a calculated filed to know if I choose all of them then measure A

      If I only choose one of them -- then measure B


      Question 2

      Question B is due to my LOD for market share


      There are region, segment, year data here -- ideally I want to build a dashboard in which market share can be calculated automatically when I choose different region, segment.


      My current problem is when I filter to region.


      SUM([Headcount])/MIN({ FIXED[Overseas Domestic Value], [Core Segment],[Commencing Value], [Year1]:SUM([Headcount])})


      The formula above hasn't taken region into consideration -- It works only for the total country level.


      When I add 'region' into Fixed formula -- it works for each region separately but not for the total country level -- because some brands are not available in some regions -- then the fixed formula while deduct these regions for these brands