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    dashboard action HELP

    Mikey Michaels

      Hello All,

      I'm in need of some serious help!

      On the attached I have two graphs; one shows my measure "Seats" with two quarters of data, and the other presents a calculated field "Seats UM Diff", at the product level,  for my last quarter in the dataset (Q4)

      My goal is to add a dashboard action so that when the user selects a Q4 bar on the "Seats UM" graph, the "Product increase / decrease" graph will update and present the decrease at the Product level.



      For instance, if the user selects the Q4 "SE" Brand for Q4, the "Products increase / decrease" will present the difference between Q3 and Q4 at the product level (15,110 - 2,725) = 12,385


      All help is much appreciated!