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    Help with multiple popup sheets on filter action

    Chris Zerhusen

      I have a data set like in the example I have provided.  I want two views.  The main view is just a map of the US showing profit ratio by state.  Then, when a person clicks on a state, I want two different sheets to popup.  One gives performance for that state over time, and the other gives a ranked list of segments for that state.  I can get that to happen but the formatting is not how I would like.  The two images below show what I'm talking about.


      Main View

      Full Map.PNG

      On Click

      On Click.PNG


      I can get it to do what you see above, the problem is that the trend over time doesn't extend all the way across the bottom and I get a bunch of unused space in the bottom right.  I've tried all sorts of different orders and ways of adding these three sheets to the dashboard but they all either end up like this or not fully minimizing when I deselect a state.  Is there a way to do this so that the trend over time isn't compressed into a tiny square?


      Here is the workbook: