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    Tableau through Apache Drill to SQL Server

    Karen Manthei

      Has anyone had success building a Tableau report on Apache Drill that queries SQL Server?  I am able to build a Tableau report on Apache Drill when it is going to a file.  And I can use Apache Drill tools to query the MS SQL Server instance.  But when I try to get Tableau to use the Apache Drill connection to run the queries against MS SQL Server, I get this error.


      [MapR][Drill] (1040) Drill failed to execute the query: SELECT `TestView`.`PlatformDesc` AS `PlatformDesc` FROM `dfs.tmp`.`TestView` `TestView` GROUP BY `TestView`.`PlatformDesc` [30027]Query execution error. Details:[ SYSTEM ERROR: NullPointerException [Error Id: 28af2f01-76a3-441b-a2de-00c35d17c513 on v262-GpdEtlQA.DEVLAB.mgam:31010] ]