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    Point to point Network Graph using geolocations

    Matthew Stolnik

      Hi All,


      I have created a dataset which includes three sets of Lat/Long geo coordinates on a single row of data; a start, midpoint and a stop.

      The idea for creating this is to show where a trip has begun, where they stopped in between and where they ended up.


      Recommended to me was to use a Network Graph, however it doesn't seem to accept three sets of Lat/Long coordinates.

      Ideally the outcome I would like to achieve is a variation of the below graph. The midpoint will be the centre of the lines, while the plots located around will be the start/stop points denominated by colour.

      When filtering on the midpoint location, I am hoping that the midpoint on the map shifts to the new location and all plots will be filtered accordingly.


      I have attached a dummy dataset, removing unnecessary columns for this task.

      Would this be possible to achieve?


      Thank you in advance!

      Image result