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    Tooltip troubles--calculated field doesn't work

    Sarah McGraw



      I think this is must be a very basic newbie problem. I've attached a toy version as an example.


      I am trying to get a calculated field to display in a tooltip only (not in the view), but for some reason my attempt doesn't seem to produce any values.


      I have one field, "TableValues" that contains numbers, and second field, "Type", that marks each of those numbers as an "actual' or a "forecast". A third field, "date" marks each of the values as well.


      All I want to do is create an "Achievement" calculated field that I can drop into the tooltip (I don't want it to appear in the view). It needs to show actual/target for each quarter, when you mouse over any value in that quarter. I would like to be able to do this for both the chart and the data table in the attached worksheet, but I'd like to use TableValues rather than ChartValues for both tooltips.


      This code does NOT work:



      Each half (the numerator and denominator) works as an individual measure to drop into the view, but the quotient doesn't seem to produce any values at all (not with DIV(x,y) either )--and none of them will appear in the tooltip in this form. I'm thinking I need to get the date into this somehow--but that doesn't seem to be necessary for the other elements in the tooltip.Or there's something wrong with the datatype. Or--??


      This seems like it should be really easy. What am I doing wrong?


      (I should say that I've had limited success doing this with my data organized differently--with actuals, targets, and forecasts in three columns instead of one--but that's not really an option in this case as I need to add this to a large number of charts that are already built.)


      Thank you!