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    Trouble building view with multiple charts from same dimension

    Lauri Nurmela

      Hi all,


      I'm currently building a dashboard where I wish to display four pie charts in one view, but I've encountered some problems in building this view.


      In the data I'm using one dimension ("Type"), and the measures come from the number of records for each value in the dimension - in essence, each chart depicts that value's proportion of the whole set. The reason I need to build these charts into one sheet is that I'm planning on using the view as an action filter. In other words, placing four similar views next to each other wouldn't work. There are also other action filters that affect the numbers in this view.


      I'm also planning on adding custom shapes to the middle of the charts that represents the value graphically and in this way turn them into donut charts, so I will need to make it into a dual axis as well. I managed to create this viz for one value, but the part where I ran into trouble was making it work at the same time for 4 values in the same dimension and sheet - the problem is in coming up with a way to calculate the total number of rows and comparing it to the value produced by the view automatically (in the picture below 602 versus 13 075 with the total being 13 677). For this I already tried some LOD methods but couldn't get anything useful out of them. Additionally, I think using LOD calculations might screw with the other action filters that are supposed to act on the view.



      I also already ran into this video which unfortunately also proved unhelpful precisely because I only have one measure in one dimension being split across the dimension: Background Images, Customizing Object Locations & Images Inside Donuts - YouTube

      I'm really hoping someone over here has an idea on how to make this work! Thanks already in advance for the help.