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    Can I use an Action filter as a context filter to a regular drop down filter or a parameter?

    Charudatt Shenoy

      Hi Tableau Users/Experts,


      I am in middle of creating a mobile dashboard for my client and the requirement is to filter Sales managers based on regional managers. In regular scenario, a context filter from Regional to Sales manager would have done it.


      But since it is a mobile dashboard and we already have a bar chart viz for regional managers, I desire to create an action from these bar charts to affect other viz's, but at the same time, I want the Sales Manager drop down filter to only show me those Sales manager which work for the selected Regional manager from the bar chart.


      Is this possible?

      The other issue is the drop down filter of Sales Manager cannot be merely a filter, since it needs to be applied to 2 data sources, so it needs to be a parameter. So now, can action filter act as a context filter to parameter?


      Even if there is a solution to the first part of the problem, something can be worked out.


      Looking forward to your suggestions, solutions, work-arounds.


      Best Regards,


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          srikant rath

          A context filter is an independent filter created to improve performance when there is a large data source and to include only the data of interest so that the queries run faster.


          where as

          Parameters allow users to insert their values, which can be integers, float, date, string that can be used in calculations. However, filters receive only values users choose to ‘filter by’ the list, which cannot be used to perform calculations.

          Users can dynamically change measures and dimensions in parameter but filters do not approve of this feature.


          Suggestion will be to create Parameter if you need dynamic. Share the example if possible then able to suggest.