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    Colouring "Grand Total" bars

    Sean Howard

      Morning All,



      If I have a bar chart (see picture below), which uses diverging colours (excluding Totals), how do I change the colour of the "Grand Total" from grey?



      An example workbook is attached.

      The worksheet [complicated] is the sort of thing I was creating when this problem arose. The [simple] worksheet strips things down to the bare necessities.



      This could be one of those "special" things in Tableau where the solution is either :-

      1. Very simple (and I've just missed it)
      2. Very complicated (and not worth the effort)
      3. Impossible (for a very good reason)
      4. Impossible (for no apparent reason)


      I'm convinced that the answer is 4. (but that is mainly because I've just spent the best part of a day trying to created a line chart with a dotted line?)


      But I'm prepared to be proven wrong.