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    Enhanced Level of Detail : How to fetch Data corresponding to 1st date and Latest date

    Saby Panda

      I have data corresponding to multiple dates for the same person (as shown in Table_1). I need to create a summarized tale for all the people, with the structure mentioned in Table_2.


      I have attached both the tables as excel sheets as well. In my desired output, I need an extra column, "Today's Date" (shown in yellow).


      Table_1 (What my sample data looks like).



      Table_2 (What I finally want to achieve)


      I am aware that the following columns can be derived by the following formulas :


      Date_of_First_Play : {FIXED[Person] : MIN([Date_of_Play])}


      Date_of_Last_Play : {FIXED[Person] : MAX([Date_of_Play])}


      Number_of_Play_Attempts : {FIXED[Person]:COUNTD([Date_of_Play])}


      But not sure about the columns that follow.