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    Calculation Using Multiple Filters

    Josh Delekta

      Is there a calculation to pull information from two different columns but not double count? I put together an example workbook of what I need to accomplish and attached here.


      The total in the data is $2,785,000

      If you filter on BU1 the total is $550,000

      If you filter on OE1 the total is $585,000

      If you filter on BU1 and OE1 the total is $200,000


      The total should be everything that hits BU1 and OE1. However, I don’t want to double count the amounts that hit both BU1 and OE1.


      The total I am expecting from the attached example is $935,000.


      It would include Supplier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10. It would not double count Supplier 4 and 5 because they happen to include both BU1 and OE1.


      Thoughts? Thank you. I appreciate it.