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    show the last 3 months data from the month period to REPORTING MONTH(this month-1)

    Animesh Raut



      I have a requirement to show 3 months  data for a particular measure. Here I am can show only the 3 months which are prior to reporting month(this month-1). Ex:- for this month the reporting month will be SEPT. so I have to show the SUM(Measure value) for agreegated value for JUNE,JULY,AUG. I am succesfuuly able to get the data using this formula in the calc. field


      month(TODAY())-MONTH([DATE])<5 and year(today())-YEAR([DATE])=0

      and month(TODAY())-MONTH([DATE])>=2


      But this formula won't work when I will be running this report in JANUARY,2017 or subsequent months when we have data from last year. I had tried with LAST() but I won't be using the DATE field in the sheet itself



      I want a calculated field which should automatically change the data whenever the month and year changes and show be me data for the 3months from REPORTING MONTH-1 month


      Please find attached the sample workbook file here for reference


      Thanking you a lot in advance for your time