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    Created Worksheet at Dashboard

    Ng Chu En

      Dear Tableau,


      I have an Idea, about created worksheet at dashboard live, and can arrange it like what we want to present, worksheet it's good for detailing, but somehow, its need a time to configure Color of each worksheet, color of the title, and many more



      A Dashboard need 5 Worksheet, and after created a worksheet and put at dashboard, i change the colour of the worksheet first, and another worksheet until all the worksheet is good, then the title of the worksheet, change the colour of the shading, then the colour of the text, just only that aprox. takes 2-3 minutes already and thats for only 1 dashboard.


      also the tab, is same for 1 Dashboard contain 5 Worksheet need 6 Tab for it, even it can "hide", but its need go to dashboard and "go to worksheet" and edit after that goes hidden again.


      If its can adjust easily, so many time can save and present to the someone who need in just a minutes! with a good analysis!


      I'm a Site Administrator


      Thank You