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    Hide / Show filter based on another filter condition

    heman malik

      Hello All,


      I am trying to hide a filter on a dashboard based on condition in another filter condition . What I am trying to do is below:


      If Filter A=xyz then

      Hide Filter B else show filter B


      I am using sheet selector but my Problem is I have to hide filter so even if I put the blank asheet and filter in same container I can't hide the filter . The sheet does pops in and pops out but it won't hide the filter.

      Another method I utilize was to make both filter and sheet floating and stack on top of each ohter. So when I select a valus = xyz in A then filter B hides but when Filter is not xyz then filter shows but since there is a floating sheet on it then the filter is not clickable.


      I am very close to hide and show but since I can't click the filter it is becoming a problem . I have tried all sorts of method by using send to front , send to back , send forward and back forward but No Go.


      Anybody ever did something like this ? ANy helo is appreciated . It is important for me to do this for the client I am working for.