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    Tableau Server network firewall issue

    Chris McClellan

      I have a problem at a client site which is not directly a Tableau problem, but I'm hoping someone here can help ...


      The client has a cloud-hosted Tableau Server.  When they used v.9.3 for both client and server everything worked as expected.  Recently they upgraded Tableau Server to v.10  They are now experiencing that the users still running Desktop v.9.3 can sign in and publish, but users with Desktop v.10 cannot sign in (and therefore not publish).


      Obviously the authentication protocol has changed between v.9.3 and v.10 (pretty easy to see as you login), but what could be blocking a Desktop v.10 install connecting to Server v.10 ?


      It sounds like they do "tinker" with their server a lot, so this problem could be SSL or port related.


      Any ideas ?