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    Summing a Total for a Fixed LOD


      I am looking for my Grand Total to be the sum of a fixed LOD instead of applying the LOD methodology to the Grand Total.  I am working on building a waterfall that shows customer retention year over year.  There will be 6 total columns: LYTD Margin, New Customers, Current Customer Growth, Current Customer Decrease, Lost Customers, and YTD Margin.  My YTD and LYTD Margins are fixed in order for the Current customer expressions to work with my fiscal year (June to May).  When I access the "Total Using" area of my measure the only option is automatic - I cannot change it to SUM.  My methodology is explained below in a screenshot.  I have each customer tagged as either a Lost Customer (customer that hasn't ordered in over 1 year), New Customer (Customers that have a first order date > 5/31/16), Growing Current Customers (Not New or Lost customers that have Margins greater this year than last year) or Shrinking Current Customers (Not New or Lost Customers that have margins less this year than last year).  My 'New Customer' and 'Lost Customer' calculations are working perfect but my current customer calculations are not.  In my Grand Total I would expect there to be 108M in the total for Current Customer Growth and -192M in the total for Current Customer Decrease, however I'm seeing 0 in Growth and -84M (the total of YTD margin - LYTD margin) in Decrease.  This means that the LOD calc is being applied to the Grand total instead of summing all of the above values.  Any help is appreciated.