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    How to Drill from Running Sum to Running Sum Details in Dashboard

    Kevin Haas

      We're trying to be able to drill from a point that is displayed as a running sum on a chart to a detail view that shows all of the points that contribute to that running sum. 


      What we have now is where the point is clicked, and the filter action applies to the target, but only for that point, not for all date values BEFORE and including that point.



      DateValueMetricRunning Sum


      For example, we want to click on a point for 1/4/16 above, which is displayed as a running sum of 17, and then the detail view shows data for 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 (17). The current simple action shows just the selected point data (1/4 = 4)


      I've attached a Tableau 10 workbook as an example.