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    Using Tableau to trigger a business process workflow

    Matthew Pothier

      We are trying to leverage data behind a tableau visualization to help automate some internal/manual business processes in our company.      


      The scenario we are attempting to automate relates to the final analysis results from a visualization contained in a Tableau workbook that is published to Tableau Server.  Ideally, the end user accessing the Workbook published in Server could use a custom action on a visualization to trigger the underlying data to be fed to another system for processing.


      The process would be as follows:  


      A business user accesses a Tableau workbook from within Tableau Server

      1. The user is reviewing inventory visualizations, and identifies a group of items that they may need to take action upon (ie: return to vendor, transfer to another warehouse, etc)
      2. The resulting data behind the visualization is ultimately a list of products that needs to be reviewed by a manager in another organization
      3. The user right-clicks the visualization or clicks a button to “send product data for review”, which then extracts the data used in the visualization, and sends it to an external file location or system for processing.


      Is it possible to do the following in Tableau?


      Create a custom “export” action within a Tableau visualization object to:

        • Generate a CSV extract of the data
        • Write the CSV extract to a file location on a remote server used by an “external” system to listen and import files into its database for processing.


      Are the suggestions on better ways to accomplish this?