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    Change time string to datetime value

    Alex Bitz



      As a data source I am pulling in a SQL table that has datetime values separated into two different fields/columns: "date" and "time". My "time" field comes into Tableau as a string value and some example values are "08:06:19", "20:11:25". I am trying to trend sales data by time for individual days. I.e., when a user selects a date from the date picker, he/she will then be presented with a continuous line graph showing the sum(sales) by time (by minute, or possibly by hour, whatever...). The problem that I'm having is that I can't select a continuous line graph because I believe my time dimension is not in a datetime format. How can I convert my time column from a string to a "time" data type (or calculated field) so that I can create such a trend graph?


      Thanks for your help!