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    Calculated Field to Pull Information from Two Different Fields

    Josh Delekta



      I am looking for the best way to accomplish the following: I have four fields/columns. "Supplier", "Business Unit", "Operating Expense" and "Spend". I am currently showing the spend for each supplier in my worksheet. However, I'd like to filter results based on 1 value from the "Business Unit" field and one from the "Operating Expense" field. Is there and and/or statement I could use?


      For example, my data source includes:


      SUP1, SUP2, SUP3

      BU1, BU2, BU3

      OE 1, OE2, OE3


      SUP1 has spend related to BU1.

      SUP2 and SUP3 have spend related to BU2 and BU3.

      SUP1 has spend in OE1 and OE2 and SUP2 and SUP3 have spend with OE3.

      If I filter based on BU1 I remove the data for SUP2 and SUP3.

      If I filter based on OE2 and OE3 I remove the data for BU1


      Is there a statement for, include "Spend" data for "BU1" and "OE2" without removing results from one or the other and also not double counting the "Suppliers" that have spend in both "BU1" and "OE2"?


      Thank you.

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