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    Generate Tableau Report, Count no. of users in each state in each month.

    Pulkit Tanwar

      Hi Everyone!


      So, I have a data sheet like this:

      It consists of 3 columns, Client_ID, Present State and Data_Changed(Date on which client's state got changed)


      I want to Generate a Tableau report exactly like this:

      I want to count the number of clients in each state in each month.

      From the above report,

      In August, C1 and C2 was in state EVAL, and C3 was in TRIAL, No Client was in PROD.

      So, we got 2, 1, 0 in the first column.


      In September, C1 was in PROD, C3 was in EVAL, C2 stayed in EVAL from the last month.

      So, I got 2, 0, 1 in the second column.


      In October, C2 was in PROD, C1 stayed in PROD from the last month and C3 stayed in EVAL as per previous table entries.

      So, we got 1, 0, 2 in the third column.


      In November, C3 changed to PROD, C1 and C2 were already in PROD as per previous data.

      So, We got 0, 0, 3 in the fourth column.


      I need to generate this above kind of report in Tableau. (Customer Funnel)


      Please suggest a way to do it. Is it possible to do it in Tableau ?

      If not, Can we write an SQL query for it ?


      Thank You