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    TabJolt Command Line Params

    Martin Olivas

        Hello All,
        Loving TabJolt! So far got everything working but have one quick question - does anyone know what (if any) parameters to pass to populate the testpassid, tc_build_number or investigation_id in the test_runs table? The build (--b) , and note (--note) were easy, but I can't figure out the other ones (do they exist?) I was going to take a look at the source code but thought I'd ask here first. I'd like to pass some additional information from the command line to report on and noticed those additional fields in the table.


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          Russell Christopher

          Whoops, you asked me this question somewhere, didn't you? And I didn't answer. I'm bad.


          I don't know, actully, but kaifeng zeng might.

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            Martin Olivas

            Hi Russell,


            No worries.  I jumped into the source code and found the IPerfRunHarnessCommandParameters class.


            Hree it is - I've removed the some code and also sorted it by short name to make it more readable.


            public abstract interface IPerfRunHarnessCommandParameters


              @Option(shortName={"a"}, description="process results only, results folder should be passed in with --p option", defaultValue={"false"})

              @Option(shortName={"b"}, description="the build version of server under test", defaultValue={""})

              @Option(shortName={"c"}, description="the number of threads used in the perf run.", defaultValue={"0"})   

              @Option(shortName={"d"}, description="the duration for the perf run. Time unit is seconds.", defaultValue={"0"})   

              @Option(shortName={"e"}, description="the environment which the run is hitting against.", defaultValue={""})

              @Option(shortName={"f"}, description="Specify the folder (f) where all the testplans exist", defaultValue={""})

              @Option(shortName={"i"}, description="Specify the testPassId (i) which the test case run is part of", defaultValue={""}) 

              @Option(shortName={"j"}, description="list of load injector machines, comma separated eg localhost,abcz", defaultValue={"localhost"})

              @Option(shortName={"n"}, description="whether or not to purge.", defaultValue={"false"})

              @Option(shortName={"o"}, description="the owner of the run.", defaultValue={""})

              @Option(shortName={"p"}, description="Specify the path (p) where the results go", defaultValue={""}) 

              @Option(shortName={"r"}, description="the description of the run.", defaultValue={""})

              @Option(shortName={"s"}, description="whether or not to skip saving the result to DB.", defaultValue={"false"})

              @Option(shortName={"t"}, description="the location of the jmeter test plan (.jmx).", defaultValue={""})   

              @Option(shortName={"u"}, description="Specify the server (u) which the test case is trying to hit.", defaultValue={""}) 

              @Option(shortName={"v"}, description="flag indicating official run", defaultValue={"true"})

              @Option(shortName={"w"}, description="comma separated list of worker machine names", defaultValue={""}) 

              @Option(shortName={"x"}, description="list of email recipients separated by commas (no spaces)", defaultValue={""})

              @Option(shortName={"y"}, description="file path to performanceViz.twb", defaultValue={""})


              @Option(shortName={"note"}, description="note field to distinguish this particular run", defaultValue={""})

              @Option(longName="skipcounters", description="whether or not to skip collecting perf counters", defaultValue={"false"})

              @Option(longName="tcBuildNumber", description="number that TC uses to start the build", defaultValue={"0"})

              @Option(longName="investigationId", description="Investigation Id used to start the run", defaultValue={"0"}) 

              @Option(description="the location of bin, lib, config, and testplans directories.", defaultValue={""})



            TBH, Haven't tested all of the parameters to see if they work.




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              Damien Lesage



              I haven't tested all option but it seems the following option doesn't work:


              @Option(shortName={"i"}, description="Specify the testPassId which the test case run is part of", defaultValue={""})


              Not sure there is another option we can use for achieving the same purpose yet.