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    Copy user permissions/group membership to another user

    Charles Ayotte-Trépanier

      Hi Community,


      We have employees changing their name after getting married. Then a new AD user is create with the new name. Of course, Tableau Server doesn't know that Ms. MaidenName is the same person as Mme. HusbandName and that Mme. HusbandName should be in the same groups/projects permissions as Ms. MaidenName.


      Is there anything (REST API?) that could help me add that new users to all the local groups the original user was in, as well as giving the new user the same permissions to the projects the original user had permissions to?



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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Charles

          Is there option of not creating a new user when someone gets married.

          They can keep the login account, but change the Last name in Active Directory. This should solve your issue...


          There is the option of doing this using REST API.

          You will need to query all groups for membership, and find the ones that the person is a member of, and then update those groups with the new name.

          Also, are the user accounts explicitly permissioned against projects? If so then all projects will need to be queried, and permissions recorded.

          Then the project updated with the new user and permissions.

          Also, unless the project permissions are locked, there is the chance the Workbook / Views / Data sources will have different permissions to the project. They would need to be checked.

          Further, if the project permissions arent locked, adding new users to project permissions isnt going to effect the workbooks / data sources in that project.....


          Personally, I think the first option is the easier one.

          Hope this helps


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