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    Indicating that a dimension changed?


      Hi all,


      Is there a way to indicate when a dimension has changed?  Maybe dimension isn't the right word... let me explain:


      Suppose you have data organized by date, and you have users that you're tracking over time (monthly), for a particular dimension (let's call it group and the values in that dimension are Grp1 and Grp2).  I want to indicate a number 1 in the month that the user changed group, but not for each subsequent month.


      Let's say I have a user that changes organization in March 2016, and another who changes in February 2016.  What I want to see is this:

      UserNameJan 2016Feb 2016Mar 2016April 2016
      User 10010
      User 20100


      Is that possible?  I have username, I have date, I have a field called Group.  I don't want to filter because ultimately I want to show a stacked bar chart for those who have left the group (this is in addition to those who have left the organization, which I have already figured out because they're no longer in the source files, but I can't quite get this piece.


      Is there a way to just show the first instance of something occurring like this?  An individual could come back and leave again, but if I can just get the first occurrence now, that would be very helpful!




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