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    Tableau 10.0 is not working in IE 11, showing message "Your browser is not supported"

    ranjith joseph

      Hi All,


      After the Tableau upgrade to 10.0 version ,we are not able to access Tableau via Internet Explorer 11, its showing a message like below screenshot "Your browser is not supported"

      But I am able to access it using IP address  (https://IP Address), Interestingly, this seems to only be a problem with internet explorer. we tried it out in Chrome ,Firefox etc., and it seems to be fine. Using the IP address lets IE access my tableau server. Something funky is going on with the D.N.S. and we can't figure out why using D.N.S. its not working .We are sure that the Tableau settings aren't the issue, we haven't changed any tableau or I.I.S. settings.


      Tableau Issue.png


      Appreciate your help in advance.



      Ranjith Joseph