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    How can the drop-down filter be used to display and search through multiple values?

    Katelyn Moran

      I'm new to Tableau and am having trouble with the drop-down filter. I have a map set up to show our company's featured projects in the U.S. Each dot has an info. box with links, etc. I've created filters so people can search by State, Representative, and Product. However, when I apply the filter for Product, it lists each possible variation that I've entered in my spreadsheet as the "Solution." I would like to have it set up so that each product is listed once (not all the variations) and when the product is selected all the dots will show up that contains that product as the solution to the featured project, even if there are other products listed in that same solution. I've tried using Parameters, Sets, and Calculated Fields. I'm not sure if I'm just setting those up incorrectly or if there is another way to go about this. I've attached a screen shot for reference.


      Thanks in advance for the help!