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    Dashboard filter with parameter

    Karen Massey

      Hi -


      I have a dashboard with two worksheets, one that shows KPI values, based on selection of a KPI parameter.  The other shows comments on KPIs.  In the dashboard, the filter by the dimension Group shows the selected KPI value for the Group, but the Comments, while filtered by the Group, do not get filtered for the selected KPI value.   Is there a way to  apply the KPI selection to both worksheets in the dashboard?


      Here's an example that shows All Groups, KPI=Overall, and showing all values for This Month Value of the KPI and Last Month Value of the KPI:

      Overall view.PNG


      If I select This Month Value = Poor, I see Group A and Group D values for the KPI, but the Comments still show all comments for Groups A, B, C, and D:


      Is there a way to filter the Comments sheet by the selection for This Month's Value or Last Month's Value?


      A workbook is attached.

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          Ravindra Zinjad

          Hello Karen,


          Click on filter which you have applied in Dashboard in your case Group.

          Below options are visible after click on filter options.

          Select Apply to worksheet --> All using this data source ( Highlighted as below )


          This function apply filter to all worksheet in dashboard or you can manually select worksheet.


          Attached sample package.




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            Karen Massey

            The filter that I applied to Group works in filtering both the worksheets - in the pic below, the filter for Group A, Group B, and Group C shows KPI data in the top sheet for only those groups, and the Comments in the bottom sheet are for only those Groups. 




            The problem is that if I filter using the This Month's Value or Last Month's Value choices, this is not applied to the Comments sheet.  If I chose Average and Great in This Month's Value, I want to filter out the comment for Program 1, which is related to a Poor value for This Month's Value.  When I uncheck Poor in This Month's Value, you see that Program 1 is removed from the top worksheet, but the comment related to Program 1 is not removed from the Comments worksheet.




            I think this is related to it being a parameter selection, because it does not have any filtering option when you click on the menu icon:




            Is there a way to have the parameter selections affect the second worksheet in the dashboard?