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    403, 410 errors, Selected marks on map get deselected

    Max Monahan

      We are developing an application which loads workbooks into an application using the Tableau JS API.

      The application works fine from inside our firewall loading the tableau workbooks from our in house server.

      The application was working as well from inside the firewall but also loading the workbooks from tableau public server.


      Just recently the application exhibited the following:


      When an area was selected on a map, we used the Tableau JS API to find out which area was selected and utilised this information to create a link to another workbook.


      Now when an area is selected it refreshes shortly after and deselects the area.


      In the application console (developer tools in Chrome) we see these kind of errors:


      VM892 vqlcore.debug.js:5351$BaseSessionCommandHandler: Command 'render-tooltip-server' (namespace: 'tabsrv') encountered error: 'An error occurred.'


      $BaseSessionCommandHandler: Command 'get-selection' (namespace: 'tabdoc') encountered error: 'An error occurred.'




      VM884 jquery-3.0.0.min.js:4POST https://public.tableau.com/ <more URL info >/commands/tabdoc/get-selection 403 ()


      POST https://public.tableau.com/vizql/w/<more URL info> -0:0/commands/tabdoc/get-selection 410 ()


      AT first we assumed the problem was related to the workbook not being downloadable and made it downloadable, and it started working for the person that made that change, but wouldn't work for someone else, and next day didn't work for anyone despite the workbook remaining downloadable.


      Any ideas how to resolve this?


      Kind regards,


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          Max Monahan

          Something we have noticed is that if we are logged in as the profile owner where the workbooks are published on public tableau then the application works, but if not logged in it doesn't work.


          I hope there is a solution for this, or it will set us back considerably.




          There were multiple versions of the same dashboards with similar names. We modified the download ability of one of the similarly named dashboards instead of the one being used in our application and I believe the issue is now resolved.

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            Stacy Sterling

            Hi Max,


            I'm getting the same error, but I think the difference might be whether you have allowed the workbook to be downloaded or not.   I'm using Tableau Public, and when I deselect "Allow workbook and its data to be downloaded by others" I get this error when using the getMarksAsync() function.  If I select this, then there doesn't appear to be any problem.


            I'm very new to the JS API so could be wrong, but let me know if you have run into the same issue.