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    Exclude filter on measure names

    Eric Tobias

      I have a slightly unusual situation in one of my projects. I need to allow the end user to pick one or more measures to include in a view. I can use the "measure names" dimension as a shown filter in which case the end user can choose which measures they want to see. However, some of the measures should not be available. I'd like to be able to "exclude measure ABC, DEF, and GHI" and the end user can pick from any measures left. Is this possible?


      I don't have the usual filter option with the four tabs where I can specifically exclude measure names. I also can't duplicate the measure names dimension to allow me to first do an exclude and then the second measure name is what the user picks from. I can't use a parameter, as parameters can only have a single value, and users need to be able to pick one or more measure names.

      I've tried duplicating the data source, but I can't blend on measure names, nor is the secondary data source's "measure names" even accessible.


      Any ideas?