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    Reset User's Password for Tableau Online

    Marko Kostic



      Is it possible to reset--trigger reset or assign temp--password for another user on your Tableau Online site if you are the site administer? A user forgot his/her password and says the email (username) is not identified when trying to reset ("Forgot password"). I can see the user (with specified email) registered to the online site and has been previously active (as recent as several days ago). Would be easiest for me (admin) to reset or trigger password reset if possible.





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          Hi Marko,


          I do not believe it is possible for an admin to reset a users password. However, a simple trick for Online admins is that you can just re-add an existing user on the Users page of the site.


          1. On the users page, click Add Users.
          2. Enter the email address exactly as it appears for the user that already exists, and be sure to choose a Site Role of at least Interactor. You may get a message saying "an error occurred while adding these users" since the user already exists
          3. Tableau Online will re-send an activation email to that user. This is a quick way to validate that the email address you have for the user is valid. If they do not receive the email, we should make sure there are no typo's in the username/email.
          4. The user can then click the link in the email, and should be able to use the "Forgot password" link on the sign in page at that point.


          Hope this helps!

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