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    Calculation for Difference btwn Two Measure Values

    Kate Kennedy


      I'm sure this general topic comes up quite often, but I'm having trouble finding a solution in the existing documentation/forum discussions.


      I work at a manufacturing plant, and one of the processes we have is to dry and sift powder to become different chemical compounds. The powder is dried in one machine and sifted to uniform size at another - and there will always be some amount of loss at each of these machines. I have data related to the weight of the powder at the Drying machine and the weight of the powder at the Screening machine - each machine is listed as a value in the "Location" dimension. I need to calculate the difference in weight of the powder when it comes out of the dryer and when it comes out of the screener.


      So, I have a weight value (quantity) for each tote of powder (serial number) at both locations. How can I create a calculation to solve this? I've attached my workbook for context.


      Many many thanks!