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    Not all Dimensions showing in a graph

    Stephan Metcalfe



      I am having an issue with the amount of dimensions that are showing up in my graphs. I have searched through the forum but no one seems to have this problem.


      The issue is that I have 37 dimensions within a filter but when I select all, or even just some, only the first 23 of the 37 show up. After that the dimensions don't show up at all.  Does Tableau cut it off after a certain amount? I have checked my data source and there is definitely data for these dimensions, and the data is showing up elsewhere, just not in the graphs?


      Any ideas would be really helpful.




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          Kaushik Mallampati

          Hello Stephan,


          If I have understood you question correctly, my assumption about your question is that you are unable to see any filtered values after 23 dimension filters.


          This might be because the data is already filtered and the dimension after 23 filters might not be having any values left to display due to the various filters applied previously. In the main data set obviously you will be having data in those dimensions but that doesn't mean the data will be shown in the filter shelf/graph because you have already applied too many filter conditions.


          If you have a clear idea of about the  step by step filtering process try to apply Context Filters accordingly(The 1st priority dimension you need to filter should be applied as context filter first, The 2nd priority dimension you need to filter should be applied as context filter second. Follow this kind of order of applying context filters according to your requirement)


          For context filters concept please go through this link Improve View Performance with Context Filters


          I can be more helpful if you are more specific about your requirement. Share the workbook if possible.




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