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    Changing forcasted amounts by dollar amounts?

    Irvin Palacios

      Hello everyone!


      Problem: I would like to be able to change the foretasted numbers, using parameters, by an absolute dollar amounts, so say I want to increase sales by $100, I would like to increase the forcasted amount by only $100, and therefore the grand total has been affected by $100 as well. How would you go about setting this in Tableau? (When I do this the amounts will jump by more than a factor of $100.) It seems to be that Tableau adds $100 to each individual line, and then sums everything up, but what I want to do is just ADD $100 to the total of the forecasted amount.


      What I have done:

      • I have used the data and examples in the Superstore and I have created "% change" with parameters in my own data set, but I cannot replicate the same by changing the forecasted amounts in dollar amounts.
      • I have gone ahead and 'Aggregated' all the measures, but then my problem becomes that the numbers don't sum for all the different categories.


      If anyone can provide some input that would be great. If I wasn't clear enough please let me know.


      Sample workbook is attached, but is Superstore data, but I have modified it to illustrate my problem.