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    How do I hide Null values that appear with my column headers, and get column headers to display correctly?

    Lisa Gonzalez

      I have a table where I am trying to show which libraries share the same collections of resources. The column headings are the names of the libraries, 21 of them, and rows are the collection names, 454 of them. The original data says Yes when a library has a collection, and it is blank when it doesn't. My column headers aren't showing up - there are some of the library names combined with a "/" between them at the top of the columns, and then Null is repeated numerous times, along with Yes. Here is a link to my visualization: Tableau Public . I just want a table with the the library names as columns, the collection names as rows, and  text that says Yes when a library has a particular collection in the correct row and column.


      Also, are there any training videos aimed at users who are working primarily with text in their data? Thank you.