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    Data Server Status Down and could not connect to any workbook or data source published in tableau web

    jessica banna

      Lately, I encountered a problem where I cannot either open any workbook published in the web or connect to published data source from tableau desktop. All data sources used in the workbooks and published are live data sources. When I check the server status, it appears that the data server status is down while the other are active. This issue has happened for several times and I have to restart the server when this issue happened to make the data server status active again. I think restarting will not solve the root of the problem, it only temporarily make the server up again.


      Does anybody have ideas about any posibility of why the data server is down?

      Is there any log that I have to observe in order to find out any error?




      additional note: I have 1 master and 2 workers, The server showing data server status down are both of the worker server. the master server seems to be fine. The server disk space used in the workers are 4% and master is 52% at the time when this issue occur.