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    Quick Filter should display Maximum Date Data By Default

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All


      I am trying to find a way in which the Data on my Dashboard should always display with respect to maximum date in my data set and also i want to have functionality to behave in such a way that if i choose between two dates it should display data for the dates which i have choosen. I have done this through creating Parameter . The only problem with the parameter is i have to create 3 parameter to accomplish this


      1) Date Selection Parameter which has 2 values which are 1) Show Latest Data 2) Show Data between Custom Date Range

      2) Start Date

      3) End Date

      Now the problem with this approach is that end user will not select that many values from the parameter , he wants that when he opens the dashboard it should display only maximum date data and if he wants to choose between date range ( a slider will be best but don't know whether its possible to do through slider).


      i want to reduce the number of parameter that user has to select in order to see what he wants to see


      if Any body can suggest a better way of doing this will be much helpful