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    View Different on Tableau Server

    J Jack

      Hello All,


      I am publishing a Dashboard on a Tableau Server, and on one sheet in a title I am showing the total  (WINDOW_SUM) of value and it is displaying correct e.g($123,456,070) on Tableau Desktop but when I published on Server the value is showing like ($123,456,070.000 to $123,456,070.000) showing in range. Could not able to figure. Please suggest.




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jack,


          I am sorry to hear you are encountering an issue like this trying to publish to Tableau Server.  


          Could you share the version of Tableau Desktop and Server that are in use and if you can - just a small sample workbook showing the issue.  Does the issue occur regardless of data source type and location (extract vs live)?


          Thank you



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            J Jack

            Hello Patrick,


            Appreciate your reply. I could not able to figured out what is causing the issue on server view. What I did is, deleted the sheet and created again with same metrics and published and this time it is working as expected (Weird).


            Fyi, version is 9.3 (data Extract)