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    Percent difference on the same field broken down by another field

    Christine Boyle

      I have a field 'energy savings' which contains floats and another field 'experimental group' which contains the values 'test' and 'control'

      I would like to compare energy savings by a percent difference between the test and control groups.

      Basically, energy savings for test - energy savings for control / energy savings for test


      I already know a hacky solution would be to create two calculated fields that say IF [experimental group] = 'test' THEN [energy savings] ELSE NULL END

      and the same for the control group, and then create a calculated field that aggregates and compares them, but I am trying to find a workaround for this because I am trying to do this for 4 other fields as well.


      Is this possible in Tableau? (I'm on Tableau 10)